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See what all the buzz is about!

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“Evande Facial Care is a natural skin care line that is designed to help with solving your everyday skin care dilemma. They believe in keeping it simple with just three steps- Cleanse, Balance and Nurture/Protect the skin. Blended with natural skin essentials for all skin types, Evande’s goal is to bring out confidence, radiance and natural skin complexion. Let me tell you- they have done just that, with this amazing line. Natural ingredients, no added fragrances, and the promise for radiant skin- I am sold. ”
By Jamie from
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“I can’t believe it’s been over 4 weeks since I started using Evande 3-step skincare system and have been reaping the great benefits and loving a breakout-free skin! Having a sensitive skin means I’m picky when it comes to beauty products, especially skincare. I mean when you have disastrous mask experience like this or humongous pores like that, you have to be very careful with what you slather on your skin”
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“Another thing I like about Evande is the cost.  I hate is spending too much on skin care {among other things} so when I found out that the Evande Trio Pack was reasonably priced, it kind of sealed the deal for me.  When you purchase the Trio Pack, you will pay $24.99 for three 6.8 fl oz bottles of product {one Gentle Facial Cleanser & Make-Up Remover, Alcohol-Free Pore Minimizing Toner, and Oil-Free Face & Neck Moisturizer}.  They are a nice size for the price!”
By Phyllis from
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“Evande is a simple to use but powerful skincare system. The system does not use any harsh chemicals and only uses natural ingredients such as Shea Butter, Chinese Gingko, Amla  and Lemon (there are many more)! The cleaner has a wonderful fresh scent and is thick and creamy. My face feels very clean after I use this product. The toner also has a nice scent and is refreshing. I spritzed my face a couple times a day during the recent heat wave.”
By Ann from
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I really liked these 2 in one product you can use this gentle facial cleanser all at the same time for removing your makeup, I know how freaking cool is that? it contain Aloe, Passion Fruit, Amia, all the finest healthiest ingredients! its soap free non dying to our delicate skin it actually softens you’re skin, love it!!
By Razzledazzlestyles from
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“These products are good for you, contain only natural ingredients, are really affordable, and smell so good. And to emphasize again, this is really  affordable. This leaves my face and neck unbelievably soft. It feels like such a thick, rich cream, but doesn’t make me break out like some strong creams can. This smells most like cucumber, which I love. The scent doesn’t linger for long, so even if you don’t like it, it doesn’t stick around for long. I also like that this emphasizes that you should use it on your neck as well because that area is ultra-important”
By Andrea Young
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“This is an AHA cleanser. The alpha hydroxy acids are from fruit extracts.  Like all AHA products this is very regenerative.  Cell turnover is increased and more radiant skin is exposed.  Its non – soap formula keeps it from drying your skin out and helps to soften yours skin.I love this cleanser because  it leaves my face clean, soft and un-irritated.  Their cleanser is easy to work in and rinse off.  Not only did it take off all my make up, it required no extra effort to break down my mascara and waterproof eyeliner.  Without any other products, the cleanser did leave my face with a glow.  My face was not tight or dry after cleansing but rather the opposite.”
By Angie Barnes from
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