The Story

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The Story

evandé is a collaborative endeavor between a Husband and Wife who share a dream, a passion and expertise to breathe it into reality. As a loving partner and cosmetic chemist holding a deep respecttriopack & knowledge for botanical actives and their skin beneficial applications, Khizran Naveed & Naveed Anwar set the goals to merge the two so as to bust the beauty myths of professional skincare…. For the very first time, a complete package of care, affordability & luxury!

When the couple came to US over several years ago, Naveed was taken with the myriad of skincare products that were offered by skin professionals and tried all to find affordability, quality, and quantity to fulfill her age, skin type and season related needs. All she found was her cabinet full of beautifully packaged but costly and non-promising products. This made her dream to reveal these myths to woman like herself to go to professionals seeking perfection for their clients.

Being a cosmetic chemist, she started her carrier with research firms, cosmetologists, aestheticians, and skin therapists working with beauty leaders and products spanning a spectrum from small companies to the iconic fortune 500.

A good listener with a passion for understanding their needs, Naveed was able to get inside the heads of their consumers and understand their desires and demands. She found her niche with these companies, combining her love for nature and technical expertise in formulation with her key aptitude for effective market analysis and a passion to fulfill their goals.lab

Surprisingly she found that none had the entire answer.  Either the product was missing a vital ingredient for effectiveness, or the price was too high. Her big Ah ha moment came when she realized that her priorities were different from those firms. They were interested in advancing their corporate bottom by developing a plethora of products for social differentiation, every different type of skin or for every different season.

Conversely, Naveed aimed to feed and nurture a woman’s natural health and skincare beauty and she knew instinctively that this is what women want as well. She was thrilled when her husband decided to setup evandé laboratory to make his love’s dreams come true.

She spent a great deal of time combining her scientific expertise, knowledge of industry ‘secrets’, and passion to sort through all the cosmetic confusion and marketing hype. Her native Asian background and exposure to multi-cultural communities was the key to pick the best and safest skin actives from all around the globe.

Today, evandé Facial Care’s aspirations are simple yet provide serious solutions:

“Skin that you feel confident in – even when you dare to be bare.”[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]