Over 25 Organic Ingredients

African shea butter

Centuries proven shea butter is well-known for its skin nourishing composition. It is rich in fatty acid, Vitamins A & E that help maintain the skin and keep it elastic , firm and moisturized. They also help prevent pre-mature aging. Its easily skin penetrating properties are special to soothes rough, dry or chapped skin. High level of cinnamic acid act as a natural sun screen.

Sweet Almond Butter

Sweet Almond Butter is rich in proteins and vitamin D. It is used to soften and re-condition dry skin and is extremely effective for dry or chapped skin, removal of spots and pimples.


Aloe has been known for its use as a skin softening and healing herb more than 2000 years ago. It soothes itches by providing cooling effect and maintains healthy skin.Cosmetically, aloe vera helps to even out the skin complexion and reduce appearance of wrinkles.


Indian subcontinental Ayurvedic Amla/Emblica is most safest and efficacious choice when it comes to skin brightening, lightening, anti-oxidation and age-defying agent. Amla is one of the key medicinal plants in Ayurveda that promotes health & longevity due to its rich contents of hydrolyzable tannins that act like most stable form vitamin C. It reduces hyper-pigmentation (freckles) spots and provides natural even-toned skin.


Rich source of antioxidant polyphenols that are active components possessing multiple skin benefits. The extract has been used as natural astringent to refine pores as well as treat extreme dry skin.


also known as lappa, is historically one of the most well-known detoxifying herbs. Its  root extract  is very effective in treating acne and for treating all forms of  skin problems. It contains  antifungal and antibiotic qualities that help fight acne-causing bacteria and fungi that infect cracked skin.  The herb yields particularly valuable benefits on eruptive and inflamed pimples..


When it is a matter of selecting the personal care products for sensitive skin, chamomile containing products is the best choice. Chamomile is the natural carrier of alpha-bisabolol, very strong and effective anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant that does not just prevent the skin from irritating factors but also calms, heals and soothes the inflamed skin.

Chinese Ginkgo Biloba

It is well known as a traditional regenerative Chinese Medicine. It has been proved to improve the skin’s protection from sunlight because of its high loads of antioxidants and amino acids. It also enhances the skin’s ability to produce fibroblasts, which are responsible for collagen production that helps in skin- lifting to keep the skin firm and youthful. It also has compounds that are anti-bacterial and anti-fungal , making it a natural cleanser.

Corn Flower

With its antiseptic and soothing properties, corn flower increase resistance against skin infections. It is also known to reduce eye swelling, puffiness, and pain related to the eye area.


The extract is very good to regulate the skin conditions as its pH is same as of skin, thus working as a natural skin toner and astringent.  Its almost 90% water composition makes it a naturally cooling and hydrating agent. The anti-oxidants and vitamin C present in cucumber extract are calming to irritated skin and they reduce swelling. It contains lots of minerals like magnesium, potassium and silica that help reduce wrinkles and fine lines by tightening of collagen. Cucumber extract is used to soften the facial skin while providing a natural sunscreen. It revitalizes stressed and tired skin, leaving calm, cool and radiant.

Elder Flower

Beautifying qualities of elder flower lies in the tannin-rich flowers, that act as a skin whitener and freckle remover.Elder flowers contain several essential vitamins including vitamin A, B1, B2, B3 complex and C that gently stimulate  the epidermis. It is also high in astringent tannins, making them useful for skin firming and toning applications.

Green Tea

It is well known that glycerin is among the strongest  moisturizers for dry, rough or scaly skin. Various studies, have clearly shown that glycerin has humectant properties, attracting water into the outer layer of the skin. It plays a major role in the improvement of the protective barrier function in the skin and keep the skin hydrated for longer period of time.


Is also known as a relaxing herb. Its extract exhibit strong skin-softening , toning, stimulating, healing, and circulation promoting properties. It is also an anti-inflammatory extract with mild firming action.


Well known for its skin refining actions, cell regeneration, and anti-aging treatment. The extract also is known for its ability to smooth and soften skin, and it is also reported to help relieve itchy skin conditions.The active ingredients in ivy, triterpenoid saponins, andoleanolic acid glycosides, hederacoside, phenolic acids, flavonoids, malic acid and fatty acids,  help other ingredients in a product to be absorbed by the skin, that makes one of the key ingredients in moisturizers and cleansers.


A very good cleansing and skin clearing agent. Lemon extract is refreshing and purifying to the skin, and is extremely active on an oily skin condition.


Also known as Calendula highly effective and beneficial for reducing inflammation, wound healing, antiseptic and calming properties. Its high amounts of glycosides and saponins work as cleansing and antiseptic agents. It os also effective for dry, damaged, and acne prone skin. It is also known to stimulate cells metabolism that results in skin regeneration.


Soothing, hydrating, calming oil that reduces irritation. Also used for treatment of cellulite.

Pine Cone

It works for various skin problems like itching, pimples, eczema. It gives a balanced, moist, smooth, renewed and shinny skin..

Sugar Cane

Rich in alpha hydroxy acids that stimulate cell renewal in tissue more than glycolic acid but with less irritation and results in reduction of dryness and fine lines/wrinkles.in..

Turmeric Powder

This ayurvedic spice is a natural treatment for acne, by calming outbreaks and expediting healing due to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It also help heal scars and stretch marks. Its medicinal qualities like treatment of burns and reduction of face pigmentation, makes it good for skin discoloration and natural glow. It also reduces facial hair growth significantly.


The extract of arnica is known to stimulate the circulation. It brings great relief to the skin because of its circulatory action. Skin inflammation cause by burns, or insect bites may also be eased by external use of arnica. The plant contains a chemical called helenalin–a sesquiterpene lactone–that has anti-inflammatory properties.


It is well known that glycerin is among the strongest  moisturizers for dry, rough or scaly skin. Various studies, have clearly shown that glycerin has humectant properties, attracting water into the outer layer of the skin. It plays a major role in the improvement of the protective barrier function in the skin and keep the skin hydrated for longer period of time.


The extract works as an astringent thus minimizing the pore size and reducing the blackheads. It is also calmative and controls skin disorders being an anti inflammatory. High in silica and saponins makes horsetail a very good oil balancing and cleansing ingredient. It also has firming and tightening action on the skin.


Fig Fig extract  is an excellent skin moisturizing agent that are similar to the skin’s own composition. It provides a tightening effect. Rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene it also works as an effective enzymatic exfoliating agent.

Kigelia Africana

also called as african sausage tree is a special addition to evandé Face & Neck Moisturizer, to brin elasticity, firmness and rejuvenation to the skin. It also reduces skin redness and inflammation related to sun or other mechanical treatments,


Anti-inflammatory, Antioxidant, Calming and Soothing….these are just few things to explain linden’s actual properties. Ancient scientists have taken several advantages using its tea. Its active components, flavonoids and glycosides are strong antioxidants with water-binding properties.


Soothing, healing, softening and pain easing to the skin. Excellent in reducing inflammation and softening the skin.


It works as strong calming agent. Also a cleanser, moisturizer, fragrant, antiseptic, non-sensitizing and non-irritant  to the skin.


Astringent, stimulant, cleansing, soothing. Used for its purifying, cleansing and antiseptic properties.in.


Pellitory-of-the-wall is topically used as an astringent to tighten the pores and keep them clear from infections.

Sugar Maple

Also rich in alpha hydroxy acids that stimulate cell renewal in tissue.


It is historically used as a mild natural foaming & cleansing agent for the skin.

Silk Proteins

Amino acids are the building blocks of body that come from the  proteins. There are 22 amino acids, out of which eight are not synthesized by the body in sufficient quantities. These eight amino acids are essential  to maintain good skin conditions . Silk amino acids are the substitute of these essentials, a natural non-animal source that help that moisture penetrate the skin surface and are extremely healing to the skin for scars and spots..

Vitamin A, B, D &E

Vitamin A is the best overall age fighter. It reduces wrinkles, fade brown spots, and smooth roughness.Vitamin B3 (also known as niacinamide)  boosts hydration to reduce redness. It inhibits the transfer of pigment to skin cells, minimizing dark spots.Vitamin D helps rejuvenate the skin and also to get rid of dark spots.Vitamin E: eases dryness and bolsters skin’s UV defense system.  It fights against dryness by helping skin retain its natural moisturizers. Also, vitamin E’s ability to neutralize damaging free radicals has made it a known anti-aging agent.